New ~ Red Sweater, Tea Drinking Bear illustration.

I've been working on some new designs and was surprised by this Red Sweater Bear that showed up. I'm not really one of those artists that lacks for design ideas. In fact, I have little notebooks and journals filled with my notes when I have an idea or some inspiration. I always keep a little notebook by my computer to jot them down. The difficult process for me is focusing on which one to do next!

I thought that this bear would look great wearing a red nordic sweater. It actually has bears on the front of the design but you cannot see it very well. I decided to give him a cup of tea. I am a tea drinker. My favorite blend is English Breakfast Tea. What's yours? After the sweater and the tea came together, I thought that I would add this to my Etsy shop and then came across the great quote — "A Cup of Tea is A Cup of Peace". Just seems to go perfectly with this little bear in his woodland setting.

Enjoy your tea!