Thanksgiving Gratitude


Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away and I'm participating in the ALSC Art & Gratitude Parade on their blog. Another opportunity to create some new art for a category that I did not have in my art licensing portfolio. 

I have always loved primitive folk art, so this was my concept for the popular theme of the sheep with the crow standing on his back. I drew an initial sketch, inked it and then scanned in the pieces and developed them in Adobe Illustrator. A program which I love creating in! Bringing my sketches in helps to give my work more of a hand illustrated feel and not look too vector perfect, if that makes sense. Also, like to give it some texture too which I do with grunge layers. Sometimes an illustration will lead you the direction it wants to go in... so I follow that intuitively. And it's why this sheep is such a lovely coral, orange color. 

I'm "Thankful" for so much in my life... but mostly for being an illustrator and designer and getting to do work that fills my heart with such joy!

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